Stephen Pakozdy Bio

Stephen was one of seven children including six sisters. He was raised in Ontario, Canada and spent his summers at their cottage on Lake Erie, 40 minutes from the U.S. border and Buffalo, New York. Many of his friends and neighbours at the beach were Americans who owned cottages in Canada and enjoyed the quiet, laid back summer lifestyle. Stephen discovered that Canadians and Americans were very much alike in many ways and that he felt as if they were cousins on the world stage compared to other countries.

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Stephen Pakozdy

Catherine Alquier

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Jana and Uncle Steve at the Oak Bay Tea Party 2022

Catherine Alquier in 2022

Stephen went on to graduate with a degree in History from the Universty of Western in London, Ontario. He made his way west to the oil fields and majestic Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta. This is where he discovered the raw and vast beauty of the Canadian wilderness.

In the nineties Stephen moved to Vancouver Island on the south west coast of Canada. This is where he raised his son and honed his skills selling real estate for 16 years. This is the only place in Canada that has very little or no snow in the winter due to its temperate climate and the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Canadians retire here because of the weather and the unique lifestyle, found only in supernatural British Columbia.

He is an avid walker and enjoys hiking thru the week. He also practices meditation. He has a 25 year old son who is a member of the Royal Canadian Navy and Stephen is now a grandfather to a bouncing baby boy by the name of Teddy. Life is good!

Stephen discovered Casa de Campo Real Estate after years of searching for the perfect opportunity to work and live in the Caribbean. It is the number one Real Estate company in the region and Stephen feels fortunate to be a member of this special group of people! Casa de Campo itself has been referred to as the "Hamptons of the Caribbean".

He was a trained worker with the local Community Hospice doing one-on-one work with terminal cancer patients for 7 years. He also worked in the "Better at Home" program providing visitation and support to elderly people who choose to remain in their homes instead of moving in to assisted living facilities. He is committed to serving others in his community. 

Stephen is teaching English as a second language to Dominican and Haitian children in and around La Romana, Dominican Republic including the orphanage Nino de Cristo. He believes that their understanding of English will open doors and present economic opportunities to them now and when they enter the work force.